Junior Grand Prix


 Dates for 2019 are:

Gala 1 - 7th September 2019


Gala 2 - 6th October 2019


Gala 3 - 2nd November 2019 

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 All to take place at Alfreton.




The aim of the three gala series is to introduce as many young swimmers in the county as possible to competitive swimming, giving them the opportunity to gain qualifying times for the Derbyshire Long Course Championships in December at Ponds Forge, and the County Championships in February.. The last gala will be held before the closing date for entries to the December Championships.


Automatic Officiating Equipment (AOE) will be available at each gala to give swimmers the experience of swimming with timing pads.


Prior to the start of each gala, we plan to give a short introduction from poolside to the swimmers and parents, explaining some of the procedures and protocols of competitive swimming. This will include such matters as asking swimmers to hold the lane rope after their race, to leave the pool by the sides not climbing over the pads, explaining what the people dressed in white are doing around the pool, not to walk between the officials and the pool, ensuring quiet at the start of races, and so on. These may be self-evident to many swimmers, but will help novice swimmers and parents understand what goes on.


The series ran for the first time in 2017 , and has been very successful. We very much hope you can join us.