Swim England Derbyshire

Affiliated to Swim England East Midlands Region


Section 1: Governance and Finance
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Person Timeframe Resources and Finance
Constitution reflects current practice and the county are supporting changes within the region Review the constitution to ensure all necessary rule changes are included and the constitution reflects current practice of the county.  Review constitution Exec AGM Regional support
Ensure Derbyshire has a representative attending and feeding back from the newly formed development group Derbyshire rep present
Any amendments to be sent to the region prior to the changes being voted on to reduce the need for the changes to be revisited in the short term. Reduce changes
County accredited clubs to display the up to date Swim Mark, DASA, east midlands and Swim England logos Check club websites and headed documents for out of date logos. Target key clubs Club Officer  Ongoing Jpegs of Logos
Contact all clubs regarding update and send out new logos Convey Information
County develop in line with the development plan County progression via the action plan  Monitor progress and identify work areas for next years plan Exec every EXC board admin
Plan to appear on the minutes and agenda.
All Swim Mark clubs aware of the regional funding and county funding for courses Promote the grants scheme to all accredited swim 21 clubs within county. Make use of social media and website. Increase applications for funding Exec and Club Officer Ongoing Website editing time
DASA Funding for coaching and teaching courses to be reviewed Email clubs to make them aware of new condition to funding Increase applications for funding for IoS courses Exec and Club Officer Dec-18  
Update DASA Communications Develop Social media pages quick delivery of new and changing information  Exec and Club Officer and web officer Quarterly Time and log in information
Key information on club development, constitution guidelines and affiliation requirements updated on website and social media One place to sign post clubs for information Quarterly
Section 2: Swim Mark
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
Maintain the number of Swim Mark accredited clubs  Officer to communicate with clubs on the changes around swim mark -  ensure clubs are aware of new 16 element and health-check format Maintain baseline ( 16 swim Mark clubs out of 24) Club Officer with Exec support Quarterly/ regional Swim Mark panel dates Swim Mark help guidance and resource sheet
Clubs supported through the online process  and face to face with the portal regularly updated Upskill new swim Mark coordinators
Proposed panel dates distributed 3 months in advanced and clubs informed of their date allow club workforce time to complete
Increase number of Swim Mark accredited clubs Identify potential Swim Mark clubs through county work. Ashbourne to attempt Swim Mark when suitable coach found Club Officer & Exec support Ongoing CDO time
Delivery of courses to support clubs to achieve Swim Mark Advertise Derbyshire sport course finder, regional and county courses to clubs. information for clubs to plan ahead Derbyshire Sport; Club Officer; Web Officers, official co-ordinator Ongoing Derbyshire Sport reporting quarterly, CDO time
Organise a yearly calendar of key courses to fall inline with Swim Mark panel dates Provide TTL & Safeguarding courses in time for panel dates Apr-18
Carry out training needs Analysis for all clubs and networks   6 monthly review of the demand  Twice a year
Recognition of clubs achieving Swim Mark Ongoing process of recognising the Swim Mark accredited clubs. Updates to be included in the regional clubs news letter and Derbyshire sport News letter Advertisement and recognition for clubs efforts CDO & county  officer Quarterly CDO Time
Maintain Swim Mark performance clubs Support DX with Swim Mark performance health check under the new head coach maintain baseline (1 performance club) CDO & Mike Parker  (Talent officer) Jun-18 CDO and Talent officer time and resources 
Inform DX on health check date and requirements Ensure the requirements are met
Section 3: Officials and Workforce – generic
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
Recognition of volunteers  at regional level Develop a regional process to recognise Derbyshire volunteers Recognise the workforce of Derbyshire clubs Exec & Club Officer Yearly information sheet & nomination forms
County to encourage clubs to recognise their volunteers for national awards
Leading the lanes young volunteer programme Developing a programme to run from September to March  12 young volunteers to attend Club Officer In place by April - 18 £10/candidate - £120 total
Collection of training requirements in the county Training needs analysis to be completed by all clubs collect demand for course planning  Club Officer  Apr-18 CDO time
Contribute to regional and national volunteering targets (190 opportunities provided) Provide knowledge to clubs on how to develop their volunteers improve club knowledge and human resources Club Officer county officials Mar-19 National volunteering plan CDO time
advertise IOS,  none IOS courses and CPD opportunities  (e.g. club matters, Anti-doping courses, tutor training, TM, aquatic helper) advertise opportunities On going
Support young volunteers Support the development of a regional young volunteers programme in line with the September – March Leading the Lane programme 100 young volunteers opportunities regionally Club officer Mar-18 Leading the Lane funding (£1000 for the region) plus DASA support (£120) if needed
Funding towards Safeguarding courses 50% funding for 100 candidates support Swim Mark and good club practise Exec, Treasurer ongoing Finances
Section 4: Officials – disciplines
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
Swimming: maintain and increase the current level of officials Offer courses across the county and mentored opportunities at a range of gala 25 candidates  County Officials Officer Mar-19 county officials officer time
Offer J2S courses and recruit referee candidates for 2018-19 Increase number of licensed officials by 5% County Officials Officer Mar-19 county officials officer time
Swimming:  produce a yearly course calendar Offer of FINA rules update, contemporary issues and disability courses 2 x yearly - June 18 and January 19 Increase number of licensed officials by 10% CDO & Officials officer Jan-19 Cover the cost of licenses for club coaches
Regional funding for Official courses  Training at all license levels to be funded by DASA Support official development Exec, Treasurer ongoing Finances
Water polo: offer training opportunities and club support Promote regional training opportunities for officials to the local clubs  Support regional and national development Club Officer & WP CDO ongoing Regional discipline plan
Synchronised swimming: offer training opportunities Promote regional and national opportunities as necessary. Support Rykneld with new coach. Support regional and national development Club Officer & Synchro CDO ongoing Regional discipline plan
Open water: increase officials Offer training opportunities for Open Water timekeepers and judges 5 candidates Open Water Coordinator  Jan-19 Open water budget and OWC time
Section 5: Teachers and Coaches
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
County/regional course delivery calendar Develop and deliver on a course delivery plan/sign post members to appropriate courses (may be regional if necessary) Contribute to regional delivery plan regionally 3x level 1 & 2 x level 2 minimum. Club Officer  review quarterly CDO time
Regional funding for coaching, teaching courses and CPD's. To be reviewed based on East Midlands funding review outcome. Level 1 Teaching Aquatics grants of £100, payable to 20 candidates, total £1,600. Level 1 Coaching grants of £150, payable to 20 candidates, total £3,000  Support workforce development Exec, Treasurer  Ongoing Teaching £1600 and coaching £3000
Level 2 Teaching Aquatics grants of £200, payable to 12 candidates, total £1920
Level 2 Coaching grants of £300, payable to 12 candidates, total £3600
teaching £1920 and coaching £3600
Level 3 grants of £600, payable to 3 candidates, total £1800 £600
DASA to match these sums for RPL candidates; 50% funding for 100 places on CPD seminars for licensed teachers/coaches, to assist in retention of licensed status. Finances
Encourage better networking of coaches Invite coaches to attend sign posted network meeting Coaches to assist in network development planning CDO On going CDO time
Section 6: Athletes
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
Promote and provide a clear development pathway Review county input into the development pathway. Support Sport England programme. Ensure need is met and provide support County Development Officer; Club Officer ongoing EXC time
  Develop and sustain Club Networks that link to a performance club with particular focus on a new networks for the county Sustain Chesterfield & NE and South Derbyshire.  Work to develop Amber Valley Club Officer on going CDO time
  Support Disability Hub club system across County  increase recognition and development Club Officer/Disability Talent Officer on going  CDO time,  talent & CSP
  Encourage clubs to develop masters sections within their structure Increase Participation along with Club membership and income Exec & Club Officer   ongoing CDO time
  Encourage clubs to develop open water sections within their structure Increase Participation.  Exec & Club officer ongoing CDO time
Discipline support Support the delivery of the regional discipline plan Regional figures County rep Mar-19 Regional discipline plans
Section 7: Other Projects          
Outcome Action Target(s) Lead Officer Timeframe Resources and Finance
Provide upskilling and awareness of disability swimming through Derbyshire sports disability day Support Derbyshire sport in planning and hosting an education day in chesterfield and Derby city for coaches and teachers as well as taster sessions for swimmers with a disability. Increase the number of disabled people swimming in Derbyshire Derbyshire sport with CDO and talent support Mar-19 financial input from Derbyshire sport.
Encourage and support open water to increase participation and club involvement. Advertise and encourage participation. Offer training sessions. Entry to Midlands championships to be encouraged.  Increase number of Derbyshire entrants at the Midlands Championships. Open Water Coordinator Jun-18 Open water budget.